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There's always too much to read. If you're someone whose job involves keeping up on what's happening in the world, whether in the news, the scientific literature, or the latest thinkpieces, then reading is a task that stubbornly refuses being delegated or automated. Until now. Advancing AI means that you can automatically compress documents into their essential points, cutting through the fluff and the noise to get to the important parts.

But as with all delegation, the bottleneck is trust. You need to know that the repackaged summary is loyal to the source and, for anything interesting, you're gonna want to dig into the context. Magic Paper is designed around the idea that to have maximal impact, AI-generated results need to trace back to their sources.

Designed around Provenance

We provide an API and an online workspace for distilling, summarizing, and correlating texts. Underpinning these functions, at the heart of this project, is the idea of provenance. When you edit a document or use AI to extract information from it, provenance is the invisible thread that connects every word back to its origin. In the online workspace, when you want to see a claim in its original context, you can trace its provenance chain all the way back to its origin.

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Available where you work

Online: load a snapshot of a website or document. Get a high-level summary that you can click into to breeze through long texts and waste no time on irrelevant bits.

API: all these functions are available over API. Use our services to scrape and parse websites, extract key fragments, generate summaries, and track the connections between input sources and results.

Feeds (coming soon): the full power of Magic Paper is unlocked when it's used to process feeds of content. Question answering and advanced search are common uses of LLMs, but they require active user intent. Take advantage of AI passively with Magic Paper content feeds. Get in touch to be among our first enterprise partners.

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