Magic Paper

the first digital workspace designed around provenance

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When you write something with quotes from a source, provenance is the invisible thread that connects every word back to its origin. Magic Paper keeps track of those threads behind the scenes. Then, when you want to recall where a fragment comes from, you can trace its provenance chain all the way back to its origin.

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Emergent Properties

Provenance is immensely valuable in its own right: when a work is in progress or assumptions are in flux, provenance ensures that you can always pick up where you left off. But that's not the whole story.

When documents have built-in provenance, highlights, comments, and revisions can all be represented as the same kind of thing. All the varied components that play a part in your research workflow become just another document. That's why it's called Magic Paper.

Putting AI to Work

It will be essential to rethink our digital workspaces as AI accelerates. That's our opportunity. And soon provenance will be more important than ever: it’s how we'll survive the coming flood of AI-generated content.

With that said, you might think the goal is to wrangle AI or put it in a box, but the opposite is the case. This is the substrate that will unleash the full potential of AI. The medium of Magic Paper, in which even the most complex results can be represented as documents, makes it possible to leverage AI in profound ways, without compromising on trust or transparency.

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